XS Scuba Highland Crotch Strap

XS Scuba Highland Crotch Strap

Code: acc1538



Product Description

This is the XS Scuba Highland Crotch Strap

  • Used for Fastening Harness and Back-Plate Securely to Diver's Body
  • Strap Threads onto Back-Plate & Loop on Harness Waist Belt Webbing
  • Keeps Harness-in-Place During Water-Entry
  • Prevent Gear Slipping-Upwards on Body in Water
  • Reducing Likelihood of Tank Touching Back of Head
  • Preferred by Technical Divers
  • Replacement or Add-On to Harness Assemblies
  • Replacement for XS Scuba Tec/Rec Harness
  • Add-On (Optional) for XS Scuba Dog-Bone" Harness
  • Length: 54" (137cm) of Heavy-Duty 2" (5.1 cm) Commercial-Grade Webbing
  • 4-Rivet Construction for Maximum Durability
XS Scuba Crotch strap has a looped rivet end and a free end for attachment to harness system of choice.