SeaSoft Titanium 3000 Ti Drysuit

SeaSoft Titanium 3000 Ti Drysuit

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The SeaSoft Titanium 3000 Ti is an Amazing Dry suit! Quality at its best!

  • 3mm Compressed with Dina-Hide, Stretchtex Seals
  • SEASOFT Raised Heel Boots
  • Unique design allows the fewest seams possible in a drysuit
  • Seams do not stretch like the natural fabric does, so less seams not only mean a stronger, sturdier suit, it represents greater flexibility
  • Up to 60% less seams than most other leading drysuits
  • Wide arms where the arms join the body of the suit, known as a "raglan" sleeve, allows superior freedom of movement in a drysuit
  • Front and back are one piece, there are no seams in the crotch, no seams across the middle of the back, no front panels - just ONE big sheet of premium neoprene
  • Designed to mount your exhaust valve on the forearm, so the sleeve acts like a funnel to the valve and will exhaust 3 to 5 times faster than a shoulder mounted exhaust valve
  • Uses a new, technologically advanced neoprene
  • Thermal protection-the compressed cells still have a locked air cell in place for insulation
  • Strength-compressed neoprene air cells are less likely to fracture
  • Stretch-this allows you to move freely, bend over reach your arms up, etc.
  • Feature two layers of TITANIUM FLAKE FOIL TECHNOLOGY™ to reflect the body's heat back into the suit
  • Available in 3 and 5 mm thicknesses (5mm is drysuit3 on our website)
  • The entire outside of the suit is covered in DINA-HIDE™, an abrasion resistant material made from tough nylon and polyester fibers
  • Huge KEVLAR™ kneepads!
  • STRETCHTEX™ neck and wrist seals are comfortable and supple and don't choke like latex seals
  • Reliable SI-TECH™ adjustable exhaust valves and swivel intake valves and the DYNAT™ dry zipper. These are the best components available.
  • Two-part catalytic glues create a perfect bond in all our seams ensuring that your SEASOFT Ti PRO™ DRYSUIT will NOT leak!
  • Comes with hose and wax also!
"After 20 years of designing diving equipment, this is my proudest accomplishment." The SEASOFT Ti PRO™ DRYSUITS, try to find a better suit...or package...or deal!

Please note: Drysuit Delivery time for this suit will be approximately 15 business days

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the customizability of a drysuit's size, features and accessories House of Scuba cannot accept returns on drysuits.Please be certain of style, size, color and accessories before purchasing. If you need assistance with sizing, please contact our sales staff we will assist you with your purchase