Apeks RK3 HD Scuba Diving Fins

Apeks RK3 HD Scuba Diving Fins

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Product Description

This is the Apeks RK3 HD Scuba Diving Fins

  • Ultra-Rugged & Compact
  • Vented Rubber High-Quality Fins
  • Ideal for Professional & Military Divers
  • Foot Pocket w-Spring Straps
  • Slightly Wide Blade for Better Forward Thrust
  • Maintains Maneuverability
  • Vented Blade Decreases Upstroke Resistance & Increases Down Stroke Thrust
  • Vents Decrease Vortexes
  • Blade Material Can Withstand the Toughest Abuse, Environments & Temperatures
  • 2 x Large Size Grommets Allow Easy & Quick Storage of Fins
  • Standard Spring Straps
  • Custom Buckle Maintains Optimum Position of Spring Straps
  • 3 sizes available: Medium (7-9), Large (9-11) & Super (12+)
The Apeks RK3 HD Fins stand alone with heavier and stiffer construction. Extra weight adds to the negative buoyancy of RK3 HD. Ultra-rugged and compact fins work in adverse environments. High-quality foot pocket along with the spring straps improves user experience even with thick gloves or cold hands. The Apeks RK3 HD Fins with wide blade deliver great forward thrust without affecting maneuverability.