Bigblue FF1x5 AFO LED Auto Flash Scuba Diving Camera Light

Bigblue FF1x5 AFO LED Auto Flash Scuba Diving Camera Light

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Product Description

This is the Bigblue FF 1x5 LED Auto Flash Scuba Diving/Camera Light

It Features:
  • Produces a massive 200 lumens
  • The high output Cree LED delivers reliable luminosity with a burn time that is 4 times that of the ordinary halogen torch.
  • The long-lasting LED bulb guarantees a lifespan of 50,000 hours of burn time, giving you the convenience of not having to do frequent replacement of the bulb.
  • The 6500K white light reflects the true vibrant colors of the underwater world.
  • Uses 4 1.5V AA Size Alkaline batteries, which are available everywhere.
  • Also compliant with 1.2V AA Size Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • The Rotary Magnetic Switch is built so as not to come in contact with any internal parts, reducing the risk of leakage from the switch.
  • Choose from a range of metallic colors for the main body of the torch.
  • The thermal protection system prevents the torch from overheating by cutting off the power, in case of prolonged use on land, or when the torch has been exposed to temperatures above 70ºC. As soon as the torch cools off, the light comes back on.
  • The switch comes with a special lock to keep the torch from being accidentally switched on during transportation.
  • Includes a lanyard and multiple handle options.
Capture the underwater world with perfect pictures everytime with this ultra compact and powerful focus light. The Bigblue FF 1x5W Aluminum LED Diving light comes with an innovative Auto Flash-Off function, giving you better control over lighting and prevents that annoying spot light from spoiling your picture perfect shots. Combined with brilliant luminosity, durable aluminum construction and reliable performance, this is one diving torch you must take with you on your next underwater photo shoot.