Oakley GasCan Sunglasses

Oakley GasCan Sunglasses

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Product Description

Start with sculptural physics and Oakley's unique three-point fit. Peer through the vast array of performance treatments and lens tints that take the elements out of play. Get a clear view — wherever the world takes you with Oakley.

Features of these awesome sunglasses include:
  • Easygoing sunglasses with a smooth edge of attitude for your active lifestyle
  • Only Oakley utilizes pure Plutonite lens material, a proprietary synthetic that exceeds the optical requirements of ANSI Z87.1 standards while inherently blocking 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.
  • Oakley's High Definition Optics® (HDO)® makes distortion disappear
  • Oakley performance eyewear also takes advantage of patented XYZ Optics, a breakthrough that maintains precise clarity at all angles of vision and extends the range of optical correction to the periphery of dual-spherical eyewear lenses.
  • Iridium lens coating is engineered to reduce glare and improve contrast.
  • With specially formulated polymers infused into the lenses, you get superior optics that are the essence of clarity
  • By bonding on the molecular level, glare protection technology can't be rubbed or worn off
  • Oakley produces the best polarized lenses on earth
  • Ordinary polarized lenses distort your view of the world. They corrupt your vision and don't block nearly as much glare as they should
  • Oakley's optional polarized lenses are protected by breakthrough technology that repels dirt and dust, sheds water, and is impermeable to and impenetrable by oil and sweat
  • Every single pair of Oakley optional polarized sunglasses achieves 99% efficiency in blocking polarized light waves
  • The materials and geometry used in their lenses and frames pass all American National Standards Institute impact testing requirements, which is the industrial standard for high-mass and high-velocity impact testing
  • Lightweight, flexible frames are ideal for withstanding extreme temperature conditions
  • Sunglasses are the most widely available ophthalmic devices sold over the counter that are regulated by the FDA

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