XS Scuba Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel

XS Scuba Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel

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Product Description

This is the XS Scuba Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel

  • Sleek design dry top
  • Totally dry snorkel
  • Patented top prevents water entering while underwater
  • Guards against water entering at surface
  • Smooth bore silicone flex tube
  • Replaceable curved mouthpiece
  • Self-draining purge valve
  • Improved quick-release snorkel keeper for easy removal from mask (p/n AC150)
  • Available in six colors
The Sedona Elite Dry Snorkel by XS Scuba has a unique dry top that closes the tube off when you submerge keeping water from entering the breathing tube while you explore the reefs below. Once you return to the surface the tube re-opens allowing you water-free breathing. No choking on water makes snorkeling fun and easy. This feature makes this the perfect snorkel for the novice to the experienced snorkeler.