Pathos Aluminum Laser Open Pro Speargun with Open Muzzle

Pathos Aluminum Laser Open Pro Speargun with Open Muzzle

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Product Description

This is the Pathos Aluminum Laser Open Pro Speargun

  • Designed for left and right handed shooting
  • Ergonomic low profile handleReverse trigger addes 7 cm of arming length
  • Open muzzle design for circular bands
  • Shaft rail for better shooting accuracy

The evolution of the Pathos spear gun continues with the Laser Open Pro. This spear gun comes with ergonomic D' Angelo II handle for left and right handed use. The sensation of high accuracy in the water prevails when using this gun. It is targeted toward demanding spear fishermen who require smooth and powerful shots. The Handle D' Angelo II, is a low profile handle with stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism that adds an extra 7cm (2.75") of arming length. This spear gun uses a reverse style mechanism with trigger and fully polished steel mechanism. This results in greater band stretch and overall more-gun in a smaller package. The Pathos Laser Open Pro comes standard with a 6.75mm stainless steel Sandvik shaft with shark fin tabs, single flopper and tri-cut tip, along with two 16mm (0.63") bands with Dyneema wishbones, which results in a powerful shot. The muzzle is open, for circular bands and the fully sharkskin finished anodized aluminum barrel is very rigid with large inner diameter walls. The tube is applied a special treatment that hardens and gives a roughness to the touch, like a shark's skin and makes it very manageable to harsh open water. The aluminum barrel has 1.25.05mm wall thickness. The gun has a removable rubber loading butt, reel base and a shaft rail for better shooting accuracy. Overall a great spear gun is available in multiple sizes and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.