OMER 7mm Mix 3D Camouflage Spearfishing Wetsuit

OMER 7mm Mix 3D Camouflage Spearfishing Wetsuit

Code: wet316

Scuba OMER 7mm Mix 3D Camouflage Spearfishing Wetsuit


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Product Description

This is the OMER 7mm Mix 3D Camouflage Spearfishing Wetsuit

  • 7mm Open-cell neoprene, nylon exterior
  • Mimetic pattern composite used form two different sea bottom images
  • Chest pad reinforcement
This mimetic pattern wetsuit has an open cell inside and Nylon exterior. For the first time, two pictures of different sea bottoms are used on the same wetsuit in order to offer a better mimetism. The prey get confused because they are not able to identify the spearo figure. This suit features top level finishing. Hood features a purge system and is partially made with open cell/smooth skin neoprene for a better comfort. New chest pad reinforcement to assist the hunter comfortably even when loading long spearguns.

PLEASE NOTE: This wetsuit is comprised of open-cell neoprene, due to the delicate nature of this material we cannot accept refunds or exchanges for wetsuits that are used or returned with fingernail tears or any other neoprene damage. Please use caution when trying on. ALL of our wetsuits are thoroughly inspected before shipment/sale to ensure there are no tears or damage.

We appreciate your business and want you to be aware of both the benefits and limitations of your gear. Due to the materials and composition of this suit we have found one drawback to it, which is a susceptibility to tears most commonly occurring when it is being donned and doffed. With gentle handling, this suit can be a valued and lasting piece of equipment. These suits are specifically designed to be donned with a lubricant such as Suit Juice (see product ACC345 on the website).