C4 Fuego VGR Carbon Fiber Freediving Fins - 3 Blade Stiffnesses Available

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FIN115 30-45/46
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This is the C4 Fuego VGR Carbon Fiber Freediving Fins - 3 Blade Stiffnesses Available

  • equipped with anatomical adjustable footpockets
  • Special footpockets transmit muscular power to the blades in a natural way
  • FUEGO VGR blades are made of 100% Megaforce T700 carbon fiber
  • Blades extend until heel allowing the most energy transmission
FUEGO VGR fins represent the match between innovation and tradition. Innovative in the transmission of energy from the foot to the blade, traditional for the blade's shape. FUEGO VGRs are equipped with anatomical adjustable footpockets. These special footpockets transmit muscular power to the blades in a natural way, from under the metatarsus. This gives potency and speed to the underwater swimming without visible strain. The energy saved by FUEGO VGRs depends not only upon elastic action of carbon fibers, but it's based on the lowest energy demanded using a so shaped system. FUEGO VGR blades are made of 100% Megaforce T700 carbon fiber, a carbon fibre 40% more resistant than standards. Those blades match an excellent resistance and a very good elasticity. More than twenty years of studies, records and experience result in FUEGO VGR blades' flexion with the double parabolic curvature system. The D.P.C. (Double Parabolic Curve) is reached by a wise lamination of carbon layers opportunely measured and placed. The curve D.P.C. optimizes blades' flexion and water amounts worked time by time according to the water rails V.G.R. (Variable Geometry Rails) depending upon the availability of power produced by the match of our muscles with articulations. The energy saved is at a level never reached until now, with full profit of our apnea and safety. Less tired is safer, this is a passive safety condition to follow up. FUEGO VGRs are equipped with special shaped water rails, VGR (Variable Geometry Rails) patented by C4, studied to match their function with the concave end shape of the blade. Water rails VGR introduce a new concept in the control system of water amount worked by fins. With them the conveying of fluid stripes changes progressively according to the area and flexion of the blade, making more efficient performances. They make the swim stable; the fins move as driven on two rails, performances are enhanced by the total lack of dispersions of fluid stripes. Swimming coming from this is of immediate hold" in water and specially ready in leaving the sea floor. The traditional concave shape allows minimum adjustment of the athletic act. This act is more similar to traditional than what happens for instance with flap shaped ends, that make fins faster but with a less immediate response to move variations. FUEGO VGR blades extend until heel allowing the most energy transmission. FUEGO VGRs have intentionally symmetric blades, for the decidedly better mechanical and hydrodynamic efficiency of this solution without the energy dispersions and the major mechanical solicitations of flex-torsion typical of a potential shape asymmetry. Less useless solicitations guarantee a long-life. Asymmetry is attended where it can express itself in the best way, that means in the anatomic shoes. FUEGO VGR blades are connected to the footpockets through a special two screws junction, for a better mechanical seal and whole energy transmission. If necessary for transport FUEGO VGRs can easy be dismantled, reducing bulk and with it the main reason of damage for instance in air transports.


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