Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Divers Series Full Face Mask Kit

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This is the Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Divers Series Full Face Mask Kit

  • Includes an integrated balanced 2nd stage regulator and low pressure hose
  • Newly designed G.divers Exhaust system design
  • SAV/octopus port makes installation of either a Surface Air Valve accessory or octopus using adapter very easy
  • Includes the GSM G.Divers Underwater Communication Device which expands the diver's ability to communicate with others verbally
  • Water that may seep into the mask is easily eliminated by exhaling or pushing the purge" button on the second stage
  • Mask squeeze, a common problem for conventional masks, will not occur with the Neptune Space because the pressure inside the mask is equal to the pressure outside the mask.
  • The Neptune Space air circulation system is one of a kind and is designed to eliminate fogging and reduce the amount of CO and CO2 buildup
  • Patented bellows style face skirt, molded from premium grade silicon rubber
  • uses a "spring profile" and large sealing surface, double size of conventional masks (30-45mm)
  • "Spring" effect is a combination of the double "S" section and the inner support ribs which allows the G.divers FFM to "float" comfortably on the face
  • very comfortable fit and ample support
  • head strap is directly attached to the face shield, allowing pressure to be distributed equally along the mask skirt
  • The six straps of the head harness hold the mask in a firm position due to their low elasticity
  • The tip of each strap (rubber) is wider, making them easier to grasp while wearing neoprene gloves
  • The FRB II (fast rotating buckle) allows the mask to be donned and doffed quickly
  • Available in 2 sizes and 4 color options
  • 2 year Manufacturer warranty
Be an explorer, be adventurous, be a responsible diver with the new G.divers line from OCEAN REEF!


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