EasyDive Minimalist Dive and Snorkel Kit

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TANK56 700-003
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This is the EasyDive Minimalist Dive and Snorkel Kit

  • Snorkelator (dry snorkel with Snorkelator allowing you to switch between snorkel mode and dive mode with the turn of the dial)
  • 19 cubic foot cylinder (DOT/TC marked - not for use in EU countries or Australia)
  • Custom Harness (with pockets for optional soft weights, padded, one size fits most, no inflation)
  • Unique Tank Valve/First Stage Regulator Combo - smallest footprint and lightest weight in the world!
  • 2nd Stage Regulator
  • Mini pressure gauge attached on a high-pressure hose
  • Air compressor refill adapter (fill cylinder from a high-pressure breathing air compressor sold separately)
  • FREE Carry Bag
Who is the EasyDive kit for? Anyone who wants to jump in the water quickly. The EasyDive provides approx. 25 minutes (at 15 feet) to:
  • retrieve dropped items in water
  • check on boat propeller / anchor line / perform boat maintenance
  • short-term pleasure snorkel / dive in shallow water
  • underwater photography (everyone knows the best light for photos is in shallow water so a regular scuba set-up is over-kill here)
  • underwater hunting - whether its for scallops, lobsters or urchins the EasyDive kit is perfect!
The EasyDive Kit is a complete minimalist dive & snorkel system. Just grab and you are ready for your next water adventure. The kit incorporates the New Snorkelator - a patented technology that offers divers the ability to combine their snorkel with any diving regulator. Switch from snorkel to regulator with the turn of the dial and just one mouthpiece! No longer limited to the surface and quick underwater swims, snorkelers can take occasional deeper dives to explore the shallows, with less equipment than a full diver would require.

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