Atomic Aquatics SV1 Self Draining Flex Purge Snorkel

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The new Atomic Aquatics SV Series Snorkel truly redefines how a snorkel works and helps divers extend their adventure.

This Super Advanced Snorkel features:
  • Atomic quality
  • The Atomic Aquatics Scupper Valve snorkel design is based on the same principle as the one-way Scupper Valve used in boats
  • Just like the one-way Scupper Valve on a boat, the lower section enable water to be easily expelled.
  • The SV1 design has a conical flared top to deliver maximum airflow
  • The SV1 is the optimal choice for calm waters or for strong swimming situations
  • Even though water may enter the open top, the internal tube airway remains dry
  • Any water trapped below the mouthpiece is easily cleared with a small burst of exhaled air
  • The flexible lower section drops the mouthpiece out of the way when not in use
  • Posi-lock flex retainer secures flex section and mouthpiece
  • Dual silicone mouthpiece prevents over-clenching of teeth that would restrict air flow
  • Rotational mouthpiece with ratchet indicators
  • Quick disconnect snorkel keeper includes 30 degree rotation
  • Sliding snorkel keeper range adjuster allows for accurate placement without constant re-adjusting each dive
This Fantastic snorkel is perfect for calm waters or for strong swimming situations!


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