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Seachange Technology Shark Shield Freedom 7 Shark Repellent

ACC498 GU1000
Shark Shield
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Check out the amazing Seachange Technology Shark Shield Freedom 7 Shark Repellent

It Features:
  • It is the preferred product for scuba divers but is designed for all water sports
  • Shark Shield is based on a technology invented by the Natal Shark Board of South Africa
  • Effective range is about 8 meters in diameter
  • Deters sharks and does no lasting harm to the shark. Once the shark is out of the affected area, it no longer feels the effect of the electrical wave form
  • Shark Shield is a three-dimensional electrical wave form which creates an unpleasant but harmless sensation to sharks
  • When the shark comes into proximity of the electrical wave form it experiences non-damaging but uncontrollable muscular spasms in its snout, causing it to flee the area
  • The closer the shark is to the Shark Shield field, the more spasms occur in the sharks' snouts
  • The FREEDOM7 antenna has been designed to cause minimum of water resistance and drag on the user
  • Shark Shield's unique wave form elliptical field only affects free swimming sharks and to a minor degree rays and skates
  • Shark Shield allows you to hunt, photograph or just swim with all other marine animals roaming freely in their ocean settings
The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is a compact, versatile, and light weight personal shark deterrent system. It is the preferred product for scuba divers. It's designed for all water sports.

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