Sherwood Scuba Package with Avid BCD, Magnum Pro Regulator, High-Viz Octopus, ProFile Computer and Gauge

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This is an amazing Sherwood SCUBA package! If you don't see the exact package you want, let us know what items you'd like and we'll put a package together for you. This great package includes:  Avid 700 BCD, Magnum Pro Regulator, High-Viz Octopus, ProFile Computer with SPG Gauge

Sherwood Avid CQR-3 Weight Integrated Buoyancy Compensators
BCD274 Specs:

  • New 700 Series Avid BCD
  • Webbing Allows Smoother Shoulder & Waist Strap Adjustments
  • Designed Trim Weight Pockets Better Accessibility, Easier Trim Weight Adjustments
  • Exhaust Valves Provide Refreshing and Contemporary Look
  • CQR 3 Weight System
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps for Better Fit, Neoprene Collar for Comfort
  • 3-D Designed Air Cell that Wraps around the Body for Exceptional Stability
  • Suspension Strap Promotes Air Cell Movement, Preventing Squeeze
  • Utility Zippered Side Pockets for Additional Scuba Accessories
  • Removable and Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Rear Lower Vent Valve Releases Unwanted Air, while Descending
  • Right Shoulder Vent Valve for Convenient Buoyancy Control
  • Weight Integrated Design: Releasable XS to 3XL 16 lbs. to 26 lbs. (7.26 kg to 11.8kg)
  • Two Non-Releasing Trim Weight Pockets for Enhanced Stability, 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Custom Pocket for Optional Akona Safety Tube
  • Mini-Pac Cylinder Mounting System Provides Dual Mounts
  • High Lift in All Sizes: XS to 3XL 20 lbs. to 36 lbs. (9 kg to 16.3 kg)
  • Sherwood Power Inflator with Cable Activated Pull Dump
  • 3/8 Threaded Low-Pressure Hose with Quick-Disconnect Coupling

The new Avid 700 Series is a robust, full featured BC that provides tremendous comfort, fit and styling. The hydrodynamic jacket style bladder provides a more noticeable comfort than other similar BCs on the market today. With the neoprene padded neck roll, the Avid is the perfect live aboard style BC. After numerous dives the chaffing and irritation you might experience is completely-eliminated.

Sherwood Magnum Pro Scuba Diving Regulator 1st & 2nd Stage
REG211 YOKE Specs:

  • Tee - shaped design reduces regulator profile when mounted on tank minimizing opportunity to make contact with the back of the head.
  • Balanced- piston delivers ample air volume at stable intermediate pressure to the second stage over a wide range of supply pressures.
  • Spring chamber is environmentally sealed to maintain cleanliness reducing the effects of corrosion and contamination. This contributes to uniform high performance as the regulator is used.
  • Dry-sealed first stage uses no liquids or gels that can leak or add to service costs.
  • Four LP ports and two HP ports for more options for ideal hose positioning.
  • Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage - The pneumatically balanced regulator ensures you get the same amount of air delivery whether you are at 3,000 psi or 500 psi, improving the diving experience.
  • Venturi switch - The Venturi switch provides performance adjustments at the surface or at depth, providing a more stable regulator.
  • Single valve tube construction - The single construction creates a precise channel for the valve to operate.
  • Co-Molded mouthpiece - The large co-molded mouthpiece uses two different silicone compounds and colors to reduce jaw fatigue.
The new Sherwood Magnum Pro is a completely new designed second stage for better breathing performance, stability, and durability. The Magnum Pro is now a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage regulator. It uses the same technology and design that has earned the Brut worldwide recognition for durability and reliability, bur the Magnum Pro goes a step further with an added Venturi device to reduce breathing resistance at the higher flow rates when it is needed the most. A flow control switch allows the diver to switch the Venturi effect off while at the surface or in shallow water to stabilize the regulator for better manageability.
    Sherwood Hi-Viz Octo w/ Yellow Face Cover
    REG86 SR9902 Specs:
    • The Sherwood Octo has been the overwhelming favorite for rental applications for decades because of its simple reliability
    • Larger diaphragm for optimal response to inhalation
    • Larger exhaust valve for decreased exhalation resistance
    • Resilient silicone rubber seat
    • Precision - ground stainless steel cam and Delrin lever for smooth effortless breathing
    • High impact housing for rugged applications
    • Hi-Viz yellow face cover
    • Simple to maintain

    This is an extremely rugged and reliable octo for the money! Totally redesigned to provide outstanding breathing performance, this Sherwood Hi-Viz Octo maintains dedication to rugged reliability combined with ease of maintenance.

    Sherwood Profile Nitrox Scuba Dive Computer
    COM37 CR2509 Specs:

    • Sherwood Quality!!!
    • ProFile has one of the most intuitive displays anywhere
    • Color indicating bands and a logical layout of readouts provide information at a glance
    • ProFile's time-tested algorithm reliably calculates, updates and displays no decompression limits throughout your dive and if you get into a decompression situation it will give information for stops as deep as 60 feet
    • Air/Nitrox or Gauge operating mode
    • Deep stop reminder - conforms to latest theories recommending deep stops for dives that exceed 80 feet
    • Digital and bar graph indicators for nitrogen, oxygen limits and ascent rate
    • Analog ascent rate indicator with warnings
    • Temperature readout
    • Visual alarms
    • Automatic altitude compensation to 14,000 feet
    • 50-dive log
    • User replaceable batteries
    • Extended depth readings to 330 feet
    • Standard or metric unit selectivity
    • Temperature Gauge
    • Easy console upgrade: Profile fits all current Sherwood consoles and can replace depth gauge

    This beauty gives you full-function capabilities and is the answer to safer more enjoyable diving for new divers and pros alike. Whether you're 60 feet down or 260 feet down, you want exceptional reliability. But you also want a computer that's easy to read, that makes sense. ProFile gives you both.

    Our SCUBA package is comprised of several separate components that we will put together for you before shipping. Not all components may be in stock you will be contacted 1-3 business days after ordering to let you know of the ETA. 

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