Faber Low Pressure 120 cu ft Steel Scuba Tank

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This is the Faber Low Pressure 120 cu ft Steel Scuba Tank

  • Most Widely Sold Cylinder Type
  • Great Buoyancy Characteristics:
    • Buoyancy Full: From -3.8lbs to -5.02lbs (-1.72kg to 2.28kg), Size Dependent
    • Buoyancy Empty: From 2.32lbs to 2.98lbs (1.05kg to 1.35kg)
    • Buoyancy Better for Back Inflation Style BCD's (Wings)
    • Shed the Lead
  • Better Weight Distribution
  • Equipped with Cylinder Boot
  • Working Pressure: 2640psi (182 bar) with 10% Overfill Rating
  • Weight: From: 31.2lbs to 41lbs (14.15kg to 18.6kg)
  • Diameter: From: 7.01 to 8.02" (17.8cm to 20.37cm)
  • Height: From: From: 25.98" to 26.77" (66cm to 68cm)
  • Construction:
    • Deep Drawn Chromium Molybdenum Steel
    • Triple Protected Zinc Sprayed
    • Epoxy and Polyurethane Painted
    • Round Bottom Cylinder
  • Valve: Convertible K/DIN
  • Yoke or DIN
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Smooth Operating Valve Mechanism
  • High Flow Capacity Valve
  • Chrome Plated Marine Brass
Cylinders come equipped with a DIN/K type valve that easily converts back and forth depending on the type of first stage regulator to be used in conjunction with the cylinder increasing the versatility of the tank. Steel cylinders are heavier then the same capacity aluminum cylinder. This characteristic has many advantages. The heavier construction allows the diver to remove lead weight from their weight belt or integrated weight system of the BCD, allowing the diver to better distribute weight by moving it to the rear of the BCD a great advantage when wearing a back inflation style (Wing) BCD.

The Faber cylinders are 2640psi (182 bar) working pressure cylinders with a 10% overfill rating, negatively buoyant from -3.8lbs to -5.02lbs (-1.72kg to 2.28kg) when full and are positively buoyant from 2.32lbs to 2.98lbs (1.05kg to 1.35kg) when empty. Cylinders are made from triple protected zinc sprayed and epoxy and polyurethane painted deep drawn chromium molybdenum steel. "

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