Guided Snorkel Tours


Snorkeling is fun for all ages and experience levels.

Come and experience the best of San Diego's underwater Marine Park at La Jolla Cove. Get an up-close peek at La Jolla's bustling Ecological Reserve and glide among the local resident garibaldi, sheephead and a few friendly Sea Lions. With over 30 years of experience, House of Scuba's certified guides will take you on an excursion you'll never forget. Explore San Diego's world renowned sea caves and stunning kelp forests, which are brimming with an abundance of sea life. Immerse yourself in La Jolla's azure waters and find yourself in a recreational haven.

How long will it take?

Plan on a 2-hour tour.

How much does it cost?

$70.00 per person
Prices include guided tour, bottled water, and rental gear.

Cancelation policy:

Full Refunds for:

  • Trip cancellations due to inclement weather
  • We cancel the tour
  • Cancel prior to 72 hours of tour time
No Refunds for:
  • Cancellations made within 72 hours
  • No-shows or for passengers arriving after scheduled time
  • Bad visibility
  • Garibaldi bites
  • Seasickness problems
  • Gear problems

You can call us at 858.581.2800 to talk to one of our instructors for additional information.

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