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Discover Local Diving - Guided Scuba Trip


If you are visiting San Diego and want to take advantage of the amazing diving Southern California has to offer but aren't sure where to go, we have just the solution.

Enjoy a guided dive with one of House of Scubas PADI trained professionals and take the stress out of diving in an unknown area. Our dive guides will show you the wonders of the La Jolla Canyon, amazing life hidden in the rocky topography of The Cove or the amazing Giant Kelp Beds of Point Loma. Or, if a wreck dive is your desired destination we offer guided dives on a number of the most popular wrecks off the coast of San Diego.

Don't take a chance at swimming around in circles in the sand because you are unsure of where to go. Have a House of Scuba professional dive guide reveal the hidden wonders of San Diego's underwater realm.

Call House of Scuba today and speak with one of our dive staff to set up your next underwater adventure.
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How long will it take?

We offer single tank dives and two tank dives.
Plan on 2 hours per dive, this includes set up, briefing, dive and gear breakdown. Boat trips typically are morning or afternoon.

How much does it cost?

Shore Dives:
$99 - Single Tank Dive
$149 - Two Tank Dive
Rental Gear cost varies depending on need**. (See rental cost page)

Night Dive:
$124 - Single Tank Dive (shore dives only)
Rental Gear cost varies depending on need**. (See rental cost page)

Boat Dives:
$99 - Single Tank Dive
$149 - Two Tank Dive
$119 to $149 - Boat Ticket (fee varies depending on destination and number of dives*)
Rental Gear cost varies depending on need**. (See rental cost page)

Other Adventures to consider:

Rent a camera
Take a PADI Dive Specialty such as Peak Performance Buoyancy or Digital Underwater Photography.

* Customer is responsible for guide's boat fee if fewer than 2 divers.
** Rental gear is not included in the price.

Cancelation policy:

Full Refunds for:

  • Trip cancellations due to inclement weather
  • Trip cancellations due to boat mechanical problems before it leaves the dock (if using boat)
  • We cancel the dive
  • Cancel prior to 72 hours of dive time
No Refunds for:
  • Cancellations made within 72 hours
  • No-shows or for passengers arriving after scheduled time
  • Bad visibility
  • Garibaldi bites
  • Seasickness problems
  • Gear problems

You can call us at 858.581.2800 to talk to one of our instructors for additional information.

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