Intro to Underwater Hunting and Spear Fishing

Intro to Underwater Hunting and Spear Fishing
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Ever wonder if underwater hunting and spear fishing was a sport for you? Or you have an interest but just don't know where to start? Join House of Scuba for an introduction to the exciting world of underwater Hunting and Spear Fishing. Very few things beat the excitement of hunting, catching and preparing game you have caught yourself. Are you thinking lobster, scallops, and halibut? You should be! If you want to experience the thrill of the hunt, we'll give you the basic tools to go out and immediately begin to do just that. This course will walk you through the basic steps needed to start your adventure.

We will cover a variety of topics during this course including:

- Spear Fishing Equipment
- Using Spear Guns
- Ethical Hunting & Conservation
- Equipment Options
- Laws
- Cleaning Fish
- Regulations & Licensing as well as the Types of Fish that can be harvested locally
- We will also cover Hunting Techniques in scuba and free diving

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Scuba Courses - Intro to Underwater Hunting and Spear Fishing

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